Smokey Joe


Peter Thompson

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A little background first. I have had a 18" WSM for several years, and used this website for some great recipes.

We just moved from NJ to SC (I do not miss the snow). When we moved, I brought my WSM, but left the gas grill for the young couple who bought our house.

The day after Xmas, wife and I are in Lowes, and she sees a Copper Performer Platinum. She tells me that I should get that one, because I had been thinking about going from gas to charcoal. So I brought home the Copper performer. Man is it a great cooker.

Anyway, we have had a Smokey Joe Gold in a box in our garage for years. It was my MILs, who never used it. Never been opened, just moved around the garage in NJ. At the time of our moving, we debated about bringing it down to SC, or giving it away. It came down with us, still unopened in the box.

After looking at this forum, I realized that for just the two of us, the Smokey Joe would be a better grill to use than the performer, so today, I opened it up to put it together.

It matches the Performer, its a Copper colored Smokey Joe. It looks great next to the performer out on the deck. Now I just have to break it in.

I'd post a pic, but I haven't been member long enough.
Now you can build a mini wsm.
You can now have a mini smoker if you need to go to the park or somewhere where the big wsm is too much.
First of all welcome to the forum. Second congratulation on owning two great grills. You can post a picture at any time, I would like to see these two cookers side-by-side.