Smoke wood choice

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J Graz

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Thanks for joining us Harry.
My question is about smoke wood choice. Do you have a regular favorite or do you go with a regional choice when in comps? If you were doing Q at home do you use the same wood? Finally do you have a preferance between green or seasoned, and bark on/off?
Thanks again

Harry Soo

I like 50-50 hickory and apple for butts and brisket
I like 100% apple for chicken and ribs
I buy my hickory from HomeD and apple from BBQs Galore.
I don't have a preference between green and aged; bark on or off. So long as the wood does not have gunk or mold on it, it's OK for smoking. For hickory and apple, these attributes don't really matter. I don't know if they do for other woods. I've tried them all and these are my favs. Also, availability and cost is another factor. I'm cheap and I don't like to drive all over town. Yes, I know some of my peers have their wood-man or charcoal-man. More power if you do. The is no right or wrong way. Just the way you know if you can win!