Simple DIY adjustable charcoal divider for indirect cooking


Mike in Sacramento

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I made this out of some spare expanded metal. Cut a piece to match the charcoal grate, but 2 inches longer. Then measure about 2 inches and bend one end up for the divider. It might not be exactly 2", but you'll want to not bend too much to hit the upper grate. Then cut the remaining flat bottom in half. I used a small piece of scrap metal and attached it to the divider with SS hardware. I suppose if you didn't have scrap metal, you could just use some aluminium fold as a barrier also as this will keep the hot air going upwards and not sideways.

I like this design because it allows me to adjust how much or how little I want to divide. And when I don't need the divider, I just move it all the to one side and the bottom part(s) of the expanded metal will keep the charcoal burning a little longer as the small pieces won't fall through the grate so fast. Be sure to use non-galvanized expanded metal and stainless steel nuts, bolts, and washers.


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