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Ok, today I dropped into the small goods store on the way home and picked out a nice leg of lamb.. left it on the bench top to get to room temp while I knocked up a fresh crushed garlic, chopped Rosemary and EVOO baste.

Covered to roast all over, bit of sea salt and cracked pepper, then onto the roasting trivet with some foil under it...1.5 hours later I had some spuds, pumpkin and sweet potatoe par boiled, drained and roughed up a little..coated with EVOO and some Tuscan seasoning... then into the Weber 300q with the roast...

By this time the smell is sensational and looks perfect... after the roast had been on for 2.5 hours (was a large leg) I took it off and covered in foil for 15 mins to rest... finished the gravy and greens, carved the most suculent lamb I have had in a long while, picked the roast vegies off, crisp, brown and mouth watering.... well I am stunned with the results... The roast was mouth watering and as tender as you could want. Normally in my fan forced I get a reasonable result, but this blew me its roasts in the 300q from now on... thanks Phil for the tips
Because of the Roast Lamb it sounds like he is Australian, if not he should be.

Loved the mixing of fresh garlic with rosemary and EVOO as a rub.

One comment, I generaly season with salt before cooking. Nearly everytime I try BBQ food and think that there is just something missing it is salt. The salt enhances the flavour and contary to popular belief you do need salt as an essential component in your diet.

Well done Trevor good to see you are enjoying the Q300. I don't know if you have Lamb Rump steaks available where you are. If you can get them - brush with a little oil and season with a little salt (one side) preheat Q300 for 10 minutes then set the temp on the Q300 to about 475F (both burners on about mid range) cook the Lamb steaks for about 2 minutes per side.
If they are a little too pink change the cooking time next time.
Once you have this right you can add a pinch of different rubs to give an after flavour ( the lamb flavour should still be predominate)

Hi Guys,

I`m over in Perth W.A... a nice roast chicken is my next mission.. probably have to start to add a few pics if I can work out how..