John G (Boston)

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Here are the Silver C parts I blasted. This took longer than I thought it would but came out pretty good. I'd say it took me a good couple hours - would have gone faster if I had changed the plastic window protector *before* starting the job. I didn't realize how badly I could see until I was half done. I blasted these with Black Beauty (AKA coal slag).

The surface now has good "tooth" so the paint will hopefully stick well. I washed the parts down with brake cleaner and painted with first coat of Rustolium high heat grill paint. I didn't "overclean" the inside of the cookbox below the flavorizers - as you can see. I didn't see any point - I'm going to use this grill.

-John (Boston)


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Steve Hoch

Those parts definitely look better sandblasted than wire brushed and your paint finish will look better as a result. Brake cleaner does work great for prepping the metal for paint, I always use it and never have any paint issues.

Ed P

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I'd like to hear more about the self-service sandblasting cabinets. Is there a charge for using those?