Sams club deals

And you get a cover!
I have the small table top MM griddle. If my lady sees this she would be all over it.
Not to hijack the thread, but Sam's is stocking the Members Mark Hatch Chile seasoning again. Really nice stuff.
you are going to like the new griddle no matter what badge it has on it.
Have you ever had a 36” one before?
They cook great food.

That is a great price and if I was in the market for one I don’t think I could turn that deal down.
I don’t know much about Sam’s Club but I’d wager they have a decent return policy.

These griddles though are pretty simple so what is really the worst that could go wrong?
My blackstone was left out in a storm for a few days recently uncovered and it knocked out my igniter.
A new one with all new wires and everything cost less than $20 and even much less than that if I didn’t want to change out all the wires.
I think that unit with out the wires cost $6.99 or so on Amazon.
Turns out that the igniter worked fine after a few days of drying out.
I wasn’t even mad about buying the replacement parts.

There really is not a lot to these things as I said earlier.
Mine lives on our deck in a salty marine weather environment most of the year and it never rusts but if it did it wouldn’t be a hard fix.

Can you give us a review on it after you use it for a bit?
I am curious about the metal thicknesses and quality of paint and trim mainly.
I’d bet the igniter parts come from the same place that all the others do.
Wife used to work at a hot dog /beef stand when we were newlyweds , Southside of Chicago
I have the smaller 22" Members Mark I paid a C- note for a few years ago.. but she wanted more real estate to work with.
For this price, whatcha gonna do?
She has Plus and $150.00 in credit so she got a deal and Plus gives you free delivery.
Funny tho she went there yesterday to pickup meat and stuff for the weekend and they also wheel out this huge box with the griddle inside.
He said I don't think it will fit in your trunk. ( she has a hybrid )
She explained it's supposed to be delivered today, he checked, laughed and apologized for the misunderstanding.