Rump roast and Bottom Round


I like med. rare beef roast done on the grill, the problem is the less expensive pieces of meat are less fatty and must be cooked to high internal temps to increase the tenderness, then it is a pot roast. Might as well do them in the oven. So I purchased a rump roast and a bottom round to explore if I could make a good cook, then slicing thin for roast beef sandwiches/rolls.

My primary purpose for this cook was for a friend recovering from knee surgery. I cooked this to take over to them to make things a little bit easier during the long process of healing. We also were taking a corn dish, the chichen breast, rolls for sandwiches, horseradish sauce, and some brownies. The second roast was for ME.

Both roasts were about 3 pounds each. I treated each piece the same. Cut off the vast majority of outside fat, then oiled them with veg. oil and seasoned with with a mix of salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder. I cooked on the WSM and the goal was to keep the temperature around 225 but no higher than 250. During the cook I had the highest reading of 232 but ran most of the time between 220-225. I put on three tennis ball size chunks of oak buried on the bottom charcoal and covered with charcoal which had the tops just about even with the top of the charcoal. I then put three small pieces of apple of top. A 1/4 full chimney of lit charcoal went on top completing the Minion way. I put the food on within a minute of starting.

I failed to time the cook but it was around 2.5 to 3 hours. I took both off when they reached 130 degrees and moved them to my Genesis which was previously heated up to sear. Before putting them on to sear I coated all side with a brushing of veg oil to prevent sticking. The oil did cause some flame ups but not serious. As I had a very hot grate I only seared each side for about 90 seconds. After removal I foiled to let cool as my intent was to thin slice on my meat cutter.

Here's the meat on the grill. As you can see, I threw on a few boneless chicken breast also.

I got out the meat slicer adjusting a fairly thin cut and here is the result. My wife and I ate some of the rump roast we kept for ourselves, heck, I have to eat too. A few slices on a heated roll with a dab of the horseradish sauce was delicious. Here's the sliced plate from just the rump roast.......after at least 4 "roll sandwiches" were consumed.:cool:

This was very tasty and tender also. I made sure to cut across the grain but did not try a thick cut to see how tender it would be like. Both the wife an I agree that we will do this cook again.