Roasting chestnuts


Daryl S

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Have any of you roasted chestnuts on a grill ? A search showed a few comments from 2015.
I have bought roasted chestnuts from vendors at markets and other holiday events. Sometimes they were really good and other times not.
Have made them in the oven but now thinking of trying some in the Performer.

Any thoughts or experience with this method ?

Brenda T

I haven't but have wanted to, for years. Tried them in the oven once and was disappointed.

Will be eager to see what kind of response you get.

Scott Smith

I just did 1/2 lb. with my kids on an open flame in a little hibachi grill. Hot flame is OK. Cook them like popcorn 25 minutes - shake fairly regularly. I used a deep fryer insert that had a fairly long handle on it. Cut an "X" in the flat side of each one before cooking. Pretty foolproof.

Geo S

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They need scoring, otherwise, BOOM,

Quality and taste pretty much depends on freshness of the chestnuts...won't be doing any at 7.99 a pound...


Very interesting, I am going to try to find some even if online for Christmas eve , son has a fireplace now and I think it would be a neat treat

Daryl S

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Got the Weber set up on the patio.

The holiday lights on the fence are just the ones to connect the front and back yard lights.

Put the chestnuts in a perforated foil pan after their 1 hour water bath.

After about 30 minutes I put the chestnuts directly over the coals for a few minutes to get a bit more roast on them.

Not the best pic but had to move fast as these were being devoured quickly by everyone.
These were a hit with the group, will definitely make these again.
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