Ribs - didn't go as planned

but for now I'm just going to blame it on china
As long as the ribs say " product of USA and or Canada " I would still buy.
I bought some ribs a long time ago that said product of New Zealand. Those where terrible.
I get a 3 pack of Cryoed loin ribs from Sam's club. Those are very meaty and are not Smithfields, probably IBP which is owned by Tysons I think.
Safeway had these on sale for $5 each. Extra meaty, what could be better?


I just read something YESTERDAY about the different classifications of baby back/pork back ribs, and for the life of me, I cannot find it today. Sorry if my remembering translation if choppy.
It basically broke down that EXTRA MEATY back ribs are extra meaty because they leave a bunch of the pork loin attached to the ribs. The article warned against getting these because: the loin is super super lean and will dry out and be horrible and in order to get the loin up to temp, it overcooks the rest of the ribs. Don't know if this was your issue, but I'm staying away from the extra meaty classification.
Could be my eyes, but from the pics one looks like a loin back rib and the other looks like a St Louis cut Sparerib.
Still looks great Chuck!
I after Tim posted this, I looked again and tend to agree, one rack is definitely wider than the other. Smithfield is now on double secret probation ;)
If there's any good news out of this cook, it's that reheating them in the air fryer made them very tasty. Better than off the grill