Raspberry Pi stopped working

Jay Baumgartner

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I finished the build and connected the Raspberry Pi 3+ to the Heater Meter. I first used the power supply from the Pi just to make sure everything was working. Then switched the power supply to the Heater Meter. Since then, I have been unable to get the Raspberry Pi to work. I switched back to the Power supply from the Raspberry Pi and nothing. Only a solid red light comes on and not the flashing green light. From my research, it seems it is not booting from the SD card. I have went and check the voltages on the Heater Meter and they seem to be correct. I have also checked the continuity between all adjacent pins to make sure the solder underneath is not shorting out, and everything seems to be fine. Before I buy another Raspberry Pi I want to get some ideas on more things to check.

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Tom O.

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I don't know if you have additional electronics problems, but I had a Pi go bad right away too. Mine was a Pi Zero W (WH) though. It would work for a minute or so then die. Not helpful to you, but it does show some Pi units die quickly.


Bryan Mayland

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If you've checked that the 5V pins on the Pi connector are 5V and those two are the only pins that are 5V, then maybe try re-imaging the SD card. You can also maybe hook it up to an HDMI tv or monitor and see if there's anything on the screen when it tries to boot. If you get a rainbow displayed, that usually means it is still working but some component isn't letting it boot properly, if it is just black and nothing, it could very well be dead.