Plan B for lighting coals



I use these to get the chimney going.


Chafing Gel. Used to keep food hot in buffets. Replace the lid when the coals are up & running. Cheap, works a treat, & has hours of burn time.
I just use Diamond Strike-A-Fire sticks. Buy them at most any grocery store. Basically it's just sawdust held together with a small amount of paraffin. Can buy them on Amazon and help Chris out!

I'll use a whole stick for a full chimney or break one in half for a half chimney.


Jim Bounds

I use weber starter cubes; cardboard; and, GASOLINE. Just kidding. If you have a gasser with a side burner, some people use the burner to get it going.


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I would use news paper but the charcoal bag works too. I've been using weber lighter cubes recently and I like that.

Propane torch helps too. lol i've used that couple times.
I have always used a weber chimney for lighting coals but have just stopped delivery of our newspaper as we generally read enough news online. I am looking at other ways to light my charcoal without a supply of newspaper. I have an electric loop somewhere but dragging out an extension cord has never been appealing. I would like to believe I could just pick up the local free paper but it is a smaller size which doesn't work as consistently and I know I'll forget to pick up a copy from time to time...

I like to use vegetable oil soaked paper. My late father ALWAYS useD gasoline, which had some upside, in that it warped the charcoal grate into a bowl, which allowed for more charcoal, for a super hot fire. We'd pyramid the charcoal, soak it with gas, and throw a match in----FOOM! Very dangerous if you have a building overhang! Be careful!