PartyQ discontinued

Steven Tree

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I just went to the BBQ guru website to buy a partyQ for my dad, since I got him a 14.5 not too long ago and he’s starting to really get into it, but it is listed as discontinued. That bums me out. I have used a partyQ for years in my 18; mostly for overnighters so I can get some a good nights sleep and I love the simplicity of it and how well it works. The new products they have up there look nice and I have always been happy with BBQ guru but it doesn’t look like are offering a basic entry level model like the partyQ anymore. Does anyone else have more insight into this?

Bill Hall

The PartyQ is pretty much being replaced by the DigiQ now. It will be the lowest price point they offer. The DigiQ is only $30 less than the DynaQ though. The only real benefit to the DynaQ that I see is the ability to use the Bluetooth app. I heard really good things about the DigiQ.


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Can you use the DynaQ as a standalone unit or do you have to use it with a phone? Don't know about you folks, but when I use something with bluetooth the coverage is very limited. Separate the units by a wall or 2 and the signal breaks up, it's like you have to have line of sight.


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Like anyone incorporating blue tooth into their temp control/ monitoring; They are just lulling you in false sense of security. As anyone who's ever used it knows soon that it is a waste of time and money and a surplus in frustration. People think with bluetooth you can control from virtually anywhere in the home. They tout the rage to be "up to 150'". What they don't mention is that range is with no obstructions. Don't think you can mow the lawn on the other side of the house or go a few rooms away. You'll loose connection once a couple walls get between you and the receiver (stoker in this case). Fortunately, I have the old DigiQ with batteries; Wonderful product and Its a shame it's no longer available . Don't waste your money on Bluetooth and go with something that's WiFi/cloud based. You can monitor and control from virtually anywhere.


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Yeah I got mine a week before it was discontinued. I get wanting to market all the bells and whistles but what I love it for is that it doesn’t have a bunch of crud built in so there’s less to fail. For Bluetooth I just run my inkbird, I just need the partyq to do its job, and not needing to run an extension chord out back is fantastic

John K BBQ

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Dang - Just recommended partyQ in a different string. I hate to see it's discontinued. I'm gonna have to really baby-mine and try to coax as many years out of it as I can. Does anyone know of an alternate manufacturer of a battery powered pit temp. controller? Like Ryan S, I hate the dang extension cords.