Outdoor kitchen


Donny Anderson

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An engineer friend and I are looking to design and build a mobile outdoor kitchen. The basic concept is for the unit to be hinged on one end and open in halves - one with a sink/water hook up and food prep area; the other half as a serving area. Storage space underneath will also be necessity. I am also considering hinges on both ends and one side opens in the middle (think cabinet doors).
This is a no holds barred, BBQing, war wagon. If it were yours, what would you make certain was on yours? I'll have pictures of the design when they are available. I've promised the winning designer at his firm a free meal on Smoke Day in May.
Hey Donny, How mobile are you talking? What are you thinking on size? Height, weight? If no hook ups is available would you be taking your own water? Are you thinking gas or charcol? Personaly, I would say 2 22's charcol, with at least two gas powered burners. This would allow one hot grill and one slower cooking/smoker. Also the gas would allow stove top functionallity.
Good questions I should have answered beforehand.
In terms of mobility, I'm not looking at towing. I just want to bring my kitchen to the backyard - when I want to. I'm thinking large coasters or cart wheels. I would like a length of 5-6 feet, and deep enough to install a sink on one of the counter tops.
As for the cooking end, I have too many toys to build into this kitchen setup. What I am after is the handiness of a kitchen next to my cooking area, but mobile enough to close up and roll into my garage when I'm done.
Why don't you check out Craig's List,there is always someone doing a kitchen rehab and trying to unload their old stuff on the cheap.You could pick up a sink and base cabinet with the hardware And set it on a dolly.
I already covered that step. I picked up a nice stainless single basin of off Freecycle. It sparked the whole idea of building my own unit. I want something a little more customized than the standard cabinet. Thanks for the suggestion though.
Do you intend on using it for meat prep?

I highly recommend making it easy to clean so you can easily do the really messy stuff like rib skinning, rubbing, injecting, etc outside. I'm thinking you might want stainless counters that drain into the sink.
I would also think about putting one or burners on it so tha you can do sauces or anything else you may want. May rig in something like THIS
Donny,you can also check out Habitat for Humanity's Re-Store or other salvage places. You can find some good stuff,for less than the big box stores.