only fire charcoal basket for Jumbo Joe



I looked at the only fire charcoal basket for a long time before I saw someone on Facebook who had taken the plunge and tried fitting it into a Jumbo Joe. It worked for him, so I figured I should get off the pot, (or rather, the alternative to getting off the pot) myself. I got it a few weeks ago, but didn’t get to use it in anger until this evening when I grilled some brats.

Long story short, I wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone who’s looking for a good way to manage heat in their JJ. You’ll need to drop the 10.5” charcoal grate out of a Smokey Joe in the bottom of the bowl - it fits nicely into the depression in the bottom, and leaves a gap to the vent slots. The basket holds a fair bit more than a small Weber chimney worth of charcoal on one side of the water reservoir. I had a good searing zone set up on the back side of the grill, and the outside wall was still cool enough to touch without burning my fingers. Granted, I’ve only really used it once, but there’s no surface oxidation after the heat cycles it’s seen so far.

If you see it and think it might be a good idea for the Jumbo Joe, there’s at least one guy here who would agree with you.
Appreciate your post as I just got lucky on a JJ NIB on CL for $15. Been hunting for options and this is the best fit I've seen yet to simulate a dual wall firebox. The SNS is another great option, but that's just half and this can do both half or full setup plus a water pan.