No set temp notification with latest update



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I have had my EX4 for about 5 months now and very pleased with performance.
However after the maybe the latest Weber updates, iphone updates, etc, we are no longer receiving a notification on our iphones that the grill has reached its temp. We had not changed any of the settings and they still look correct, we used to get the notification that the set temp has been reached. We are getting notifications for timers and shutdown.
Any idea what setting we have to change or is this now the norm?
i'd recommend a hard restart of your iphone first, before diving deeper into troubleshooting. this way your cache is clear and you're working on a clean slate. then begin to troubleshoot the issue(s).
The issue is happening on my wife’s and my iPhone. They are both up to date patch wise and I powered my wife’s phone off then on to see if that fixes it. Will be using the grill tonight so will see.
We do both get the probe alerts and the timer.

Is not getting the set temperature notification after turning on the grill, normal?
Nope that did not work. I got notifications when I changed the set temp but not when first turning the grill on and setting the initial temp.
Any ideas?
Ah, thank you. I have tried resetting the SF and deleted the app. I tried setting the startup temp at a different temp, then before it got there, changed to the temp I wanted. All no joy. Once it has reached the set temp you can change it to something else and that notifies you. I guess a problem for Weber.
It's one thing that drives me bonkers about apps and web pages. Every time they "improve" they wreck everything that actually "worked". Facebook Marketplace is one thing they just ruined yet again
This won't resolve your concern, and in no way am I sharing this to suggest that you don't deserve to get a notification, but I rely very little on what the SF temp is reporting. In my opinion, I believe the temp refresh rate is so slow that we don't normally receive input on the actual pit temp. For that and some other reasons I always use a third party remote thermometer to gage my pit temp.