No 5 Shrimp


Brian Trommater

TVWBB Super Fan
I have been grilling shrimp with the number 5 sauce. It really turns out great. Skewer large shrimp, brush with oil and season. I use wolf's citrus rub. Grill , on fairly hot grill with lid open, about 90 sec and turn. Brush with no 5. Turn again after about 90 sec and brush with no 5. Grill about 2 min and turn. Grill another 2 and ready to go. Very tasty.

Ray Crick

TVWBB Emerald Member

Do you serve these with any kind of sauce? I grill shrimp using a similar recipe and serve them with a MMHH sauce - which is 1 part Mayo, 1 part Dijon Mustard, 1 part Horseradish, and 1 part Honey. Goes great with almost any grilled shrimp.