New Smokey Joe Platinums for $19.99


Scott K James

New member
Ace hardware (in S GA atleast) has new SJP's for 39.99 with a $20 mail in rebate! Got a SJS and a Q already but for $20 I could not resist!!!

Oh yea tomorrow 6-30 only!
OK I took the SJP out for a test spin. I did not have allot of room on the trip so I endded up filling the grill with match light and taking off. We got to the camp site and I fired it up. Good bed of coals made for a nice even burn and very good overall grill. Never got HOT but was very stable for along time. Worked out very well and it will make another trip with me soon!
I missed that sale last week, but managed to pick one up today for 39.99...gonna fire it up for the 4th and see how she does!