New life for an old, free Weber kettle

RD Hauch

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I didnt really need another grill but I got the old kettle for free. I cut the legs off and made it a camp cue / firepit. It travels well in the bed of my truck and makes a superior firepit with the air intake and lid to snuff out the fire at bedtime. Anyone else use a kettle for a firepit?

Bill - MO

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Fairly common mod. Just be sure you use the bottom grate or some kind of sand to keep the heat off the porcelain as it will make it degrade faster. I would probably remove the one touch vent system too as the heat is just going to warp it.

Kyle in Woodstock

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Yep, my free kettle is in terrible shape though....had to surround it with landscaping bricks because there are some rather large holes in the bowl.

Had some discussion on this here: