New from ThermoWorks: Square DOT two-channel thermometer calculates 5-minute running average temperature


Chris Allingham

Staff member


What happens when you try to cram MORE FEATURES into a ROUND DOT? Why, you get a SQUARE DOT, of course!

All the simplicity of the popular ThermoWorks DOT alarm thermometer, now with two channels for meat and air temp measurements. Plus a new switchable feature on the Channel 2 air probe: Average mode shows you a revolving average temperature calculation of the last 15 minutes, starting when the alarm is first reached. It’s perfect for determining your average air temperature as you cook, so you can adjust in real time to get the most accurate results for any recipe. When average mode is disabled, Channel 2 functions as a typical alarm channel.

This diagram illustrates how Square DOT will calculate and display average temperature as the actual temperature fluctuates up and down over 15 minutes.