Need a griddle grate recommendation


T Waite

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Hi all. Been awhile since I've posted here. Never stopped cooking, just posting. I'm hoping you can give me a recommendation.

I am looking for a perforated griddle to either set on or use instead of the standard cooking grate. I want to be able to cook large amounts of vegetables like green beans without worrying about them falling through. It would also be handy for large fish fillets. I have a solid griddle, want one perforated.

I've looked at a few. I really like the Croycort modular cast iron with the veggie pans and other inserts. I'm leaning that way, but I asked them a question via email several days ago and haven't got a response, so I called and it said to send an email. :unsure: Makes one wonder about CS should the need arise.

  • Perforated
  • Utilizes the entire grill area
  • Small enough holes to not let small veggies fall through.
  • SS, mild steel, or CI ok
Any help?

Really can't beat the full size Weber griddle inserts. However, it's not reversible..


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