My workhorse is getting too old?

My Craigslist refugee which is a blue 18 platinum that I got for $15 is dying. I've done so many offset fires in it that the outside coating on the one side is flaking off. Is there anything that I can do with it?

The other problem is that the lid where the handle attaches has rusted through on one side and is only being held on by the other side. It's only a matter of time before it breaks.

I really, really hate to get rid of this work horse. I have cooked on this guy for years now and it's my go-to grill. Yeah, I know I could very easily replace it, but it's my favorite. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Scott P.

TVWBB Super Fan
The handle rusting problem is why I had to retire my kettle a few years ago. It was rusting all the way around the the part where is was welded to the lid. In theory, you could simply drill a hole through the weld and bolt a strap of metal underneath for reinforcement. The finish could be taken care of with BBQ paint, but you won't find it in blue. I sold my kettle at a garage sale for $15 and ended up with a 26" one for father's day. :)

George Curtis

TVWBB Olympian
Just ignore the chipping, they all eventually get there. It does not change the way the food turns out. As to the handle, just get some fender washers and just drill some holes and bolt the handle on. Again it doesn't really look bad and will extend the life for many many years. Make sure to use ss hardware.
Thanks all.

Yeah, I spun it around and now I'm wearing out the other side. I'll stop by this weekend and get some SS bolts and fender washers. Like said, I really want to keep this guy going.