My mods


Bill Elwell

I have a WSM 22.5". Here’s a list of my mods:

1. Mounted the base (legs) to on a dolly (also modified, made larger) so I can move it around the patio easier.
2. A welding blanket, to keep the cold off. I hang it from the bottom of the deck and it works great.
3. A second bottom grate. I added 4 threaded rods to the bottom grate where the 3rd grate mounts as needed. Basically, taking the cooking surface from 700+ square inches to 1000+.
4. A Maverick ET-733. I was pretty pleased with it, but was still getting pretty tired of checking and adjusting.
5. Last Fall I purchased a DigiQ and it was a game changer.
6. I purchased a Nomex gasket kit about 2 weeks ago. That, combined with the DigiQ, has made the process of smoking a REAL pleasure…again.
7. TBA (To Be Announced) In the quest of bigger and (hopefully) better, I still want to build an Out House-style cook shack (on a dolly) so I can move it out from under the deck and not have to worry about the weather so much.