My Big Weekend Smoke

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Toby Keil

TVWBB All-Star
I decided it was time for a big smoke and being that it was the WSM smoke day weekend, I had to oblige my smokers. On the menu for the WSM was 2 pork butts, a rack of baby backs, a rack of beef ribs, a tri-tip, a ham and some andouille sausage. On the offset was the salmon and a whole chicken. Most everything was rubbed with Wolfe Bold except for the salmon, that I brined then added a little brown sugar. We had the ribs and sausage that night, everything else was sliced thin or pulled then vac packed for later. We used the chicken for tacos last night...yum. I wont bore you with with all the prep pics and I didn’t get some of the other finished grub but oh well. By then I had consumed mass quantities of beer and tequila

Here’s a shot of the smokers doing what they do best. I used the stacker for the ham, tri-tip and sausage.

The salmon just off and cooling before vac packing.

Beef and baby backs.

The buts with a nice crusty bark before pulling.
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