Mods all done an ready for breaking it in today



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I had posted in the other WSM forum about my first WSM coming and it was damaged and missing parts . The new one arrived last night and got started right away with the " Upgrades " and mods I have seen and have been recommended by others on this site.

I bought extra Weber handles and used some 3/4 stock to make my own handles for the sides using the factory holes for the inside brackets. Handle part # 80671 which is the plastic outer handle only and got from Amazon. Painted the brackets with high temp grill paint to match the WSM
I bought a extra 22" charcoal grate #63014 and 18" charcoal ring #63007 I can use for smaller loads when needed. Not necessary and more $ but....Wired them together with rebar ties..Added stainless u-bolts to make it easier to pull out
Wired the WSM charcoal grate to the ring an added a smaller grate from HD # 7441 to the middle of the ring so I can run lump easier with less fall through..Used longer eye bolts for handles to make it easier to pull it out when needed.
Added stainless U-bolts to second cooking grate .
Added 2 stainless washers to the inner bracket top holes and one to the bottom hole. Makes the racks fit better on the pegs as well as the water bowl if I ever fill it...
Added the probe hole mod using the electrical piping and a gas pipe plug to block it off when not needed. Prepped and painted with hi-temp grill paint to match the WSM..Will see how well the paint holds on this metal
Added 100lb each 2" locking wheels to the legs making it easier to roll around on porch. I have assorted grills and usually wheel the one/s I'm using to edge and away from house when grilling/smoking. It was fun getting them so they were 100% true up and down and not angled so it would hold the load better. If they start to push out I can always add flat stock to create a brace around all 3 of the legs or create a triangle out of something and bolt it down to that first.

Hopefully will get the Cajun door down the road as the stock one is lightweight BUT this one fits really nice for now. I`m really glad in my debate over a 18 or a 22 that I went bigger. This will hold so much more when needed and I can adapt for smaller loads when needed too with smaller ring loads..

Wife was leas than impressed with me assembling in the house at 9:00 pm but she will grateful for the smoked chicken we have for dinner Wed. If you decide to assemble in the house as I did, put old sheet down or towels as the grates in these are very oily from the box. I did do all the drilling and clipping of rebar ties outside.

A few pics




How did you get the bend in the aluminum to make those look like authentic handles? Those bends look perfect.