Mint Limeade

Arun L.


The 2nd time I made it, the mint leaves themselves looked more brittle than I expected, after about 2 days in the juice. They still tasted ok, but I wasn't sure if the mint was still good, even though I still had drank the juice with it.

Arun L.

I used the citrus juicer yesterday.

I think it took longer, but it got more juice.

With the manual press, I'd spend about 5 seconds per lime half. I got whatever it extracted, then would throw away the piece.

With the citrus juicer, I spend 12 - 25 seconds per lime half.

It's also nice to have the graduated cup for the citrus juicer, so I can see how much juice it's produced.

The Black and Decker juicer is also interesting, because it rotates both clockwise and counter-clockwise. I don't know what determines which way it goes, but maybe they designed it like that so the motor wouldn't overheat in one direction?

Or maybe it serves a function and helps to extract juice, by being able to rotate both ways.


The reversing is so if it should get stuck it can try to free itself, kind of like changing the car from drive to reverse when you're stuck in the mud. It may also help even out wear on the gears.

It sounds like the B&D model is almost identical to the Dash that I got. Similar features anyway.

To me the biggest difference is with the amount of effort on my part. I messed up my wrist pretty bad using the handheld press. Took more than a month to get full pain-free function back. I'm pretty sure I could juice gallons with the Dash and not suffer ill effects.