Microdamper and RDTC

Chris D Norton

TVWBB Member
I like the Microdamper for the size, but I wanted to use the RDTC as well with it.

I hope I'm not irritating anyone on here, but i wanted to share what I used.

These are components from 2 different people on here to make a combination of what I wanted.

I have the file if anyone wants it.

I changed the 3D printable for the RDTC. I plan on just Epoxying the 3D printed RDTC that I edited to the Servo portion of the Microdamper as shown when I get the fan. (In the mail now). I did this just in case I need to replace anything in the future.

From the pictures this is how I plan on it working.

Let me know what you think....


Bryan Mayland

TVWBB Honor Circle
That's what it is all about! Take the parts that work best for you and stick them all together. That's how we end up with new designs too.