Micro SD Extension Cable for RPi Zero W

J Halvo

TVWBB Member
Has anyone tried to use a microsd extension like this one for making the microsd card available without opening the case?

I haven't found one yet that has a clickable "keystone" to mount to the edge of the case but I presume somewhere one exists.

Given it doesn't seem simple to dynamically change what wifi you are connected to using the button interface, simply flashing a new card with updated credentials (friends house, competition, etc) seems like a reasonable solution. However without something like this, you have to open/close the case every time.

Bryan Mayland

TVWBB Honor Circle
I've not used an SD card extender like that (didn't even know they existed!) but another option is to extend the microusb to a panel mount USB jack and just use a USB stick to swap wifi configurations. The microusb to panel mount USB might be harder to fit in the case although you could cut one and solder it to the Zero at the big test points by the USB plugs.