Meater wire free probe intergration.


Chris K.

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I had a need to get this data sent over MQTT. So I spent some time doing more work breaking out the packet from the Meater Block and then relaying it over MQTT. Here is he link to my github project: . Hope this helps anyone looking more into the breakdown of the packet. Thanks to LKSpencer for the info he provided as I used much of it as a base for my info.

Javier Bravo

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Hello all, i wasn't sure if I should start my own thread or not, but I am working on connecting the MEATER to my RPi3 and i get it to pair for a few seconds then it unpairs and displays the message
'Failed to pair: org.bluez.Error.AuthenticationCanceled'
I am trying to attach a touchscreen interface to the grill to monitor temperatures of the meat inside. I'm relatively new to python and raspberry pi. Any suggestions?