Maryland Mules


Gene Brownson

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Found a new adult libation that is really enjoyable, the Maryland Mule. You may know that the owner of Under Armour bought a huge farm not far from me called Sagamore farms, I ride by it sometimes on my way to a fro the M-F, 9-5 prison. It one of the biggest and nicest farms in the state. He also bought a swank distillery down town in the hoity toity part and calls it Sagamore distillery. I did not know that Rye whiskey is a big Maryland thing and was put on the map right here. One of their employees from the facility comes into my work and buys replacement parts. The gentleman brought me a bottle of Sagamore Rye which at the time I had never heard of. Everyone else was a little upset that I had received this bottle of happy juice and showed me on google about this. I brought it home and drank a glass or two with some Canada Dry but found a recipe for a Maryland Mule. Myself, loving the farm life when I get there and riding mules when I can have it a go. Now, it’s my week eraser and there’s a bottle of goodness in the freezer now. Very refreshing and too easy to sip. :) I try my hardest to be a gentlemen but mother Brownson never raised such a foolish child ;)-

1 1/2 Shots of Sagamore Rye in a highball glass or copper mug if you so desire
Fill the rest of the glass with Gossling’s ginger beer and throw in a wedge of lime.

Careful too many too fast, you’ll feel the kick of a Maryland Mule (pun intended) stay thirsty my friends :)
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