Lid Hook for Original Kettle Premium



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I just bought a 22" Original Kettle Premium grill. My fourth Weber product. My old Kettle had a half round hoop to hold the lid, but the Premium grill has a hook. I think this hook will be hard to use and it will scratch the porcelain, leading to rust. Does anybody have a better solution for holding the lid? Thanks a lot! Ned
If it's the same as my 06 OTG then yea the hook is a pain to use on the bowl. Hook it to the handle is easier or buy a slide/aside from Weber if they still offer them. ( I paid 18 bucks in 06)

Edit: Done this before from a tip on this board.

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If you can find a "Slide-a-Side" from Weber, they work great.
It also works on a WSM.