Is OTG For Me?

Congrats!! You made the right decision!! I also forgot to mention that most accessories made are for the 22.5" Weber if you decide to get some later on.
Yes, great choice. Similar situation here, as I'm usually cooking for 2 (occasionally 4 or 5). I have the 18.5 WSM and the 22.5 OTG. I use the OTG nearly every night. It's the perfect size for indirect, and I just added a rotisserie...and now I'm in heaven.
Here's the Weber Performer Silver - it's still a "Gold" in that it has the ash collector pan and the one-touch.....might not be bad @ $229

Hey Clint, they go to that much trouble to build I nice clean unit like this with the ash catcher and a thermometer but can't spend another 10 cents to put the insulated cap on the lid vent tab! Really? I'm sure a purchaser would have spent $249.99 and they have made even more profit!
Don't go less than the 22. I cook mainly for me and my wife, when I cook steaks, I also do corn on the cob and twice baked potatoes and wish I had a larger surface.