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Not sure why there isn't already an entry for Mike Mill's place, so I'll start one here. I stopped by with my daughters after a trip to St. Louis last week, but it is not really nearby. In fact, except for Southern Illinois University in nearby Carbondale, Murphysboro is really kinda out there. Not that that's bad. Anyway, if you can see this.....

.....then you are pretty close.

It was a nice, warm, inviting place when we went on a Saturday afternoon and we were seated right away. We ordered ribs, brisket, sausage link and pork chops - all of which were very very good. The sides were also very good - I had a side of red beans and rice that was outstanding. They had a few options on sauces, vinegar and/or mustard based, which I thought were very good, although my daughters would have liked a little more sweet. We did wait a long time for our food - even though we had no complaints about this, our server was very apologetic and comped us desserts. Sorry for the poorly composed photos below, but after waiting for awhile, we all wanted to eat right away.

I definitely recommend 17th St. Bar & Grill if you are anywhere close to it - we packaged it with a trip to the Big Muddy Brewery and a side trip to the Rootbeer Saloon 15 miles south to make it not so out-of-the-way, and we had a fine time.

I stopped here recently. Service the day I went was good. The food is great and if you are in the area you should stop. This is the original and looks it which is good. I had what is best described as a sampler platter. I wanted to taste the ribs and brisket. With what I ordered I was able to taste the sausage and turkey breast. The sausage is a little on the spicy side. The turkey. They cook boneless,skinless breast. It is very good. Their main spice "Magic Dust" and their 17th street BBQ sauce has a taste the is unique and a signature flavor profile. Mike Mills and his daughter Amy the family Behind 17th Street BBQ are great representatives of the BBQ family. If I am ever within 100 miles of this place I will stop by again.
Having lived in Southern Illinois for a number of years I check in on the news down there occasionally. I am sad to report the passing of Mike Mills, commonly referred to as "The Legend" in barbecue circles, this past Tuesday. I ate at his 17th Street Bar & Grill restaurant numerous times over the years, best ribs I've ever had.

RIP Mike
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We went a month ago. 17th street was what started my BBQ addiction 10 years ago, and it was the ribs that did it. On a good day, still the best ribs I’ve ever had. Sadly, we have noticed a lot of inconsistency over the years. The ribs on our last trip really don’t resemble the ribs of ten years ago; they have less meat on the bones, and not as much smoke or rub as they used to. I think when Mike was around, they ran a tighter ship. I would hesitate to recommend a trip there now Adam.
Was lucky enough to cook their annual bbq contest this year. First time there. Definitely worth the trip, the food is excellent.