I often get LuCI - Lua Configuration Interface


Troy Gamm

I am doing my first cook in well over a year. I have an old HM 4.0 with an adapt-a-damper. I just upgraded to the latest software in prep for this cook. Now I would say 80% of the time when I try to connect through a browser to the HM, it presents a white screen with the text "LuCI - Lua Configuration Interface" instead of bringing up the regular screen that I can log into. Once I am able to connect, it will keep the connection but if I try to connect from another device, it just shows that text. Any ideas?

Bryan Mayland

TVWBB Hall of Fame
The text you're seeing is probably from the browser cache, because the first page is just a redirect to the main home page (which explicitly isn't cacheable). Sounds like your heatermeter has gone off wifi, or your browser isn't on the same network (mobile vs wifi), and you just can't connect. It also can mean that you're using the wrong address to get to it, if you're switching to another device and that doesn't work. Try hitting http://heatermeter.com/devices/ instead of the direct HeaterMeter IP/hostname. If it shows as available there (green bar with the version number in the Available column) then that means it is on the same network as you.