I just ordered a new kitchen faucet



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I just ordered a new kitchen faucet


It should help with my beer brewing (cleaning large car boys etc). I don't even have a sprayer at the kitchen sink so this'll be new for me. It should be here around Thursday.
Nice! One of those would be very helpful in my winemaking. You'll enjoy having a sprayer - makes cleaning those carboys A LOT easier.
I've really enjoyed this faucet/sprayer. Carboys get cleaned immediately, nice being able to set the temperature & closing the traditional faucet's valve (on the end - that nub you see is in the closed positon). Really seems high quality but I question the Chinese ethics - they make everything so I'm sure it's fine but I'd still prefer Made In USA.

It's especially nice for me since I don't have a dishwasher in my kitchen. Rinsing dishes/silverware (and veggies) is so easy. I was at a friend's house for dinner last night & they have a pull-down faucet (gooseneck w/ detachable end).... really made me appreciate mine in comparison but I didn't tell them that.
Looking so cool..great order you have for your kitchen Its make your kitchen more beautiful..
Love to see this faucet..best of luck..
It really is nice - if I ever get my kitchen cleaned up maybe I'll post a picture of it in action (I've been working on it just a few minutes ago!)