I have recovered!!

Charles Howse

TVWBB Wizard
Thankfully, the effects of my self-induced Pork Coma have dissipated over night and I am feeling about normal this morning.
Our cookout yesterday was fun and tasty, but not without challenges.
I set up the WSM just as I have hundreds of times, got the coals going, added the pork butt, hung the temp probes, etc.
Apparently, the cooker temp probe had failed. Stuck at 354 or close to that for the whole cook.
Closed all 4 vents, no change. Checked the temp at the lid with my Thermapen,...275.
So it was kinda like driving at night with no lights. Not that I've ever done that. :D

Pulled Pork, Jack's Old South Competition Vinegar Sauce, Bacon Potato Salad, Grilled Corn, Chocolate Ice Cream!

Here are the best of the pictures

(Something must have been biting Daughter! Look at that face!)