Howdy from The Colony, TX

Harry Robinson

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I am an avid reader of this forum especially since I started restoring Webers, I have a old style Performer, a regular 22.5" kettle, a mini-WSM from a Smoky Joe, and two gassers, a 900 Redhead I recently finished re-restoring with a re-repaint and Cedar slats, and a Skyline 1200 which cooks now but still finishing up the paint and lower rack. This is just a hobby for me to use the grills, wouldn't consider myself a "flipper", it's more like I hate to throw stuff away .
I have learned a lot and used this forum a lot figuring little things out along the way. Thanks to all!!


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Hi Harry, welcome, being from Texas, I bet you have a lot of good recipes to share.

Harry Robinson

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Welcome Harry! What is your favorite thing to cook on one of your Webers?
There are a lot of good things but I guess if I had to choose one thing it would have to go to a good rare-med. rare ribeye steak!!
My Hall of Fame also includes those relatively inexpensive 10 lb. bags of chicken legs and thighs, slow cooked on indirect in the Performer, sometimes "barbecue" flavor and sometimes "herb and spices" flavored with a Emeril's Chicken Rub clone recipe I have. Ditto for what they call pork "country ribs" down here, which are really just semi rib shaped pieces of a pork butt, those are usually just "barbecue" flavor lol, although I've also made them char siu and korean marinated.