How often do you cook at home?


Brian Johnson


First I want to say thanks for taking the time to spend with us here.

I'm sure you get these types of questions all the time but... How much of the cooking do you do at home? And how much of that involves grilling or smoking? And I guess along the same lines, would you say most of that cooking is experimenting with new recipes/techniques, for the pleasure of doing it, or pure subsistence?

You are very welcome, Brian. I am enjoying the conversation with fellow fanatics. I do almost all the cooking in my house and about 90% of that is grilling. As you might imagine, I have a big backyard with several grills that I use just about every day. Sure, there are times when I have to fix my car or go to the dentist or coach my son’s lacrosse team, so I might grill just once on those days, but on most days I grill a couple times per day. During the summer months I travel quite a bit on book tours, and sometimes that means spending a lot of time in airports and hotels. Sadly, there is no grilling for me on those days. I like to focus on one particular book each day. So after I’ve created a list of recipe ideas for a book, I just grill and make notes and modify ideas and grill again until each recipe rises to the level of quality that a Weber cookbook requires. I send all my recipes to testers for their feedback, so some days are spent reading their notes and revising recipes accordingly. At this point, probably 75% of my grilling is for “work,” and the rest is just for fun.