How has the experience impacted your personal cooking styles?


Scott Shimano

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As each of you went through a rigorous training schedule to prepare for Chopped, have either of you found that your home-cooking is more creative now? Do you go shopping in a grocery store and find inspiration in unique ingredients, where before you would have just kept walking past?

Harry, congratulations on your 180 in Dessert at the Oaktown Throwdown yesterday. After making it to the dessert round on Chopped, and earning the 180 yesterday, is Miranda now prepared to jump ship and fully join the Slap Yo Daddy team?

Good luck to both of you in Huntington Beach next week. The super-team of Slap Yo Butcher's Daughter will be hard to beat. In case Lee and I can't find your cook site, I'm sure there will be a few vendors selling Maps to the Stars. Possibly just follow the sound of flash bulbs and look for the red carpet... ;)
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Scott, I've definitely upped my grilling game with the Grill Master training schedule!
Yes, I'm going to get a couple of ringers on my team!