HH Brisket Question

I am at 202+ internal temp. 3:45 in the WSM. Foiled at 2:20 cook time and 162 internal. At 202 internal it doesn't feel fork tender. Should I continue, or pull it. Need advice quick.
The foil will give you inaccurate readings as per temp.

Go by feel only.

Most of my HH brisket cooks take about 4.25 - 4.5 hours at 325-350.
Turned out great. My first brisket. I would have preferred a better bark, but flavor was great. Took it off at 203. Rested for a couple hours. Extremely tender. Thansk for the instructions.
Patrick, as Craig and Tyler said above, when doing HH briskets, you cook till tender not X temp. Once you foil the brisket, you could hit an internal temp of 200 pretty quick, doesn't mean the brisket is tender and done though. Not sure if you read any of this, but it has great info in it. Link to the original High Heat Brisket thread.
Glad to hear the brisket came out good for you.