Hello from Moncton, New Brunswick



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Picked up an old E330 that appeared to need some TLC to hopefully get going for daughter. Only broke 3 bolts taking it apart... lol

Actually came apart better than expected but I've found a handful of small holes in the cook box so we might not get to rebuild this one. :(

We have a couple other Weber's, my favourite is an old Platinum with the wooden slats on the side tables. Built like a tank. We bought it second hand for $100 from a couple who were moving away and they threw in a full tank of propane. :)
Welcome Mike, glad to have another family member igniting the craze to the next generation, would love to see photos, and if this was to be added to Weber's owners list it my still have some warranty left
Thanks You! Well, I like working on the BBQ's and wifey does most the cooking... lol I just retired though, so that's probably going to change real soon. Ribs or Steak would have to our favourites