Hello from Huntington Beach, CA


Ed Williams

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Just bought a 18.5 WSM on Thursday, and should be arriving next Wednesday. I currently use a propane smoker for my cooks, but I joined this forum to pick up some tips on how to cook with the WSM.
Hey Ed, welcome to the forum. I just fired my 18.5 wsm for the first time a couple days ago. It seems like it's gonna be great. When you get yours, make sure you take the time to season it. You can find Harry Soo's SWM seasoning steps on his review of the 18.5 wsm on amazon.com
Welcome Ed! HB is the perfect place to perfect your WSM skills; great weather all year round:D I grew up near there... I will surely miss that weather for the next SEVEN months:eek:
Best way to season a Bullit for home use is to use it...hard and often. I did Harry's break-in procedure, wasted 2 days and lots of food I could't eat. His advice is spot-on tho, if you plan to compete. All this IMHO

Welcome aboard.
Welcome aboard... I joined recently and there is a lot of info here. Don't forget to post pics of your fitst cook. Glad to see more Southern California members😃