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HeaterMeter v4.0 for RaspberyPi Upgrade process and Current software version



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This is my first post i would like to than Bryan for all his hard work and time he has spent on the Heatmeter/Linkmeter project. I am currently running a Raspbery Pi version on a December build and I am wanting to upgrade it but have not found any information on this site or the github site. Thanks for your help.....
I believe the current process is to just download the image and reimage your SD card, as there is not currently sysupgrade support built in for packages like there was in the 3.x Linkmeters.

You can upgrade the AVR firmware right from the OpenWRT admin page, but as far as the OS is concerned you're going to have to export your settings, reflash and restore.

Bryan Mayland

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Yeah there's no upgrade process at all because the bcm2708 target doesn't have sysupgrade support at all. I haven't worked out a good way to do it. You can sort of get around it by using `opkg upgrade`.

Go to System -> Software -> Configuration (tab) and add (or just edit /etc/opkg.conf)
src/gz linkmeter http://capnbry.net/linkmeter/snapshots/bcm2708/packages

Then update/upgrade:
opkg update && opkg upgrade `opkg list-upgradable | cut -d" " -f1`

The AVR has to be manually updated from the AVR Firmware page if there is an update for it.