Hay from Iowa


Mike IA

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Hello folks, new here..

After eating at Texas road house today I realized, I miss steaks so much!

Anyway.. Thanks for having me, and here's a view from the porch.. 67745694_2415676798479679_5013941372491661312_o.jpg

Mike IA

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Welcome Mike.

What are you cooking?
Thanks Dan.

Favorite is a medium rare T bone, but also because a T bone would be almost impossible to be a transglutaminase frankensteak, which I'm certain I have bought and been served once or twice.

Ive been eating at the U of I dorm dining halls because I live alone, and you cant beat my 50% discount and all you can eat.. My first job at the U of I chiller plant of 22 years, was auctioned off to the highest bidder around the time of my divorce. Now I do maintenance for U of I housing and dining because I wont work for a company I didn't apply with. My old coworkers who stayed say I made the right decision.
Housing and dining is understaffed because their wages cant keep up with the private sector, but luckily I retained the same wages I had at the chiller plant. Its a challenge because it's a young mans job, but Ive never been in better shape. Most of the students are great though..

But the dining halls serve frankenburgers, so Ive been eating their chicken breasts everyday, so I need some real beef. They have great fruits and vegetables though.

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Chris Allingham

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Welcome Mike!

I'm guessing you're eating a lot of pork? Saw this at a rest stop on I-80 while passing through Iowa last April:

Good Farming
Clear Thinking
Right Living

Or maybe all the pork is shipped out of state...


Mike Freel

Welcome Mike. I look forward to seeing some of your grilling adventures.
I am another Mike who lives in Iowa and loves to grill and smoke year round.

Mike IA

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Hey Mike, welcome from Blue Grass, Iowa. Great view from your front porch.
Thanks Dave. Unfortunately I don't live at that location yet, which is close to Millersburg. My GF does, and Im looking forward to retiring and getting out of Iowa City..
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Mike IA

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Welcome Mike! I lived in Cedar Rapids many moons ago. You must be talking about pork steak?
Thanks! Heck no.. T-bone steak from cattle.. Seriously, do some research on it. People have eaten raw beef right after slaughter with no problem. Try that with a hog.