Having an issues getting in to Home Assistant


Chris D Norton

TVWBB Member

When I read a few posts it seems like this needs to be added to the startup of the heatermeter?

lmclient @lmss,1 | mosquitto_pub -h -p 1883 -u “someuser” -P “somepass” -i “heatermeter” -t “heatermeter/hmstatus” -l

I can't seem to have it find the heatermeter when I add it. I just want to monitor the temps and such.. I was wondering if I'm doing somehting wrong?

I have -u and -P as the MQTT user and pass. and the ip as the intance of home assistant. Is there somehting I missing? here is the link to the home assistant page where people are tlaking about it.

I've posted but havn't recieved and answer.