Grilled tofu...should I even ask?


Sam Bee

TVWBB All-Star
Hi Jamie,

What do you think of or have you ever tried grilled tofu? Of course I like my meats and stuff but sometimes you just have to try and eat healthy once in awhile. I'm really liking grilled tofu (firm) marinated in miso, sake, mirin and sugar.

I know what you mea. Tofu has a reputation as being tasteless health food for people actively trying to deprive themselves of pleasure. The thing is, tofu has been made and enjoyed around the world for thousands of years. If it was really bad, it would not have lasted. Sure, there are some lousy version sof tofu, but you can also find versions that absorb marinades well. You have probably discovered that it is important to drain the firm tofu well. Otherwise it tends to stick. Sometimes I opt for heating a cast-iron griddle on the grill and using that to searing tofu. If you looking for other healthy options, I have a recipe for Portabella Mushrooms with Swiss Chard and Feta on my website. Give it a go. I’d love to know what you think of that combination.
Thanks Jamie. Yah, before I grill the tofu I like to pat them with paper towels to ensure they're dry then put a little olive oil on them and grill them indirect.