Grill Out Times: Volume 04 Issue 2 - Summer 1998


Chris Allingham

Staff member
Grill Out Times: Volume 4 Issue 2 - Summer 1998

In this issue:

  • Big, Beautiful Burgers: Mike talks about how sometimes the only thing that will satisfy your craving is a hot, juicy burger; how burgers have evolved beyond basic beef on a bun; plus results of Weber's annual GrillWatch survey.
  • Adventures in Grilling: A customer named Linda relates a story about a Weber kettle that was stolen mid-cook—partially cooked steaks, hot charcoal and all!
  • Indulge in a Little Burger Madness: Grilling guru Betty Hughes shares tips for great burgers and toppings.
  • Customer Service Manager Barbara Cann makes a sales pitch for Weber charcoal and gas grill accessories including hinged grates, warming racks, aprons, grill brushes and more.
  • Recipes for juicy beef burgers, shrimp burgers, continental burgers with curry catsup, crab-stuffed portobello mushroom burgers, lamb burgers, red cabbage slaw, grilled marinated tomatoes, and gourmet s'mores.
  • Get accessories like the Charcoal Griller's Sure Start Kit for 22.5" kettles, the Gas Griller's Flavor Kit, and the latest in The Great Chefs Grill Out Video Series titled "Chicago" in VHS format.
  • Order form for all accessories featured in this issue.

I want to offer a big TVWBB thank you to James Stofle for providing this issue for our collection.