Grill Cover recommendation



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Looks nice. But does it have any kind of venting? I find that ones that don't tend to hold a lot of moisture inside and that can be even worse than leaving it out in the elements.

Ruby Paulline

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I purchased a grill cover for my weber grill last month, the quality are perfect and I am very satisfired with it.
The most important thing is that all their products are free shipping, and the service is good.


That is certainly a good price. I have been buying the Unicook brand from Amazon. Best covers I have found and lots of size options.

Steve Hoch

I no longer use a grill cover. I believe the cover traps moisture which rusted my Genesis Gold B.
I agree with you on that for the most part. I've had the opportunity to examine and compare various grills around the same age here in northern Illinois. It seems to me that the best thing covering does is prevent paint fading. I have noticed more rust on certain parts of a covered grill vs. uncovered. Keeping it in the garage during winter is probably best practice where I live.