Greetings from Los Angeles

After a lifetime of city dwelling I have determined it is legal (and hopefully safe) to grill on my apartment balcony. I am a new owner of a charcoal Go Anywhere and have started grilling and smoking with it. Much to learn but so far, so good.

I will probably post this elsewhere but I have a question: I see that there is a lot of add-on kit for the GA made in Australia: risers, charcoal baskets, offset plates... It can be ordered from there via eBay or directly from the manufacturer, but the shipping ismirw than the cost of some of the items.

1) Why is this stuff popular there but not made here?

2) is there an American retailer that sells this stuff?

J Grotz

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Welcome to the board! I live in the ‘burbs of SoCal. That’s wonderful that your apartment building allows charcoal. I had no idea the GA was large enough to smoke on. There’s lots of really cool Weber stuff that never gets sold here in the States. For example, the GBS Dutch oven.
To be clear, the lease is silent about grilling and there is a sprinkler above our balcony, which I believe means we are legal according to my research on fire codes. I may be wrong.

it is possible to smoke small-ish cuts of meat/fish, though I wouldn’t try a cooking time of more than about 4 hours with my setup. Even that is tricky since i’m using lump charcoal. I am trying to get a handle on using snake method or Minion method on a GA. I bought a diffuser plate, that helps. It’s one of the accessories actually sold in the US.