Go-to for roasted chicken


Jamie Mathews

TVWBB Member
Jamie, I'm a big fan, not just because we share the best first name around. I own "Way To Grill" and "The Art Of Cooking With Live Fire".

I'm starting to love roasted chicked with a little smoke. Do you have a favorite way to cook a whole bird on the grill - simple indirect, beer-can, rotisserie, spatchcocked?

In one of your books, you mentioned the advantages of buttering the bird under the skin. Never heard of that, I wouldn't have thought it possible. It's easy, and man does it make a big difference. Great, great tip!

Jamie Purviance

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Hey Jamie,

It's great to meet another member of the Greatest Name in the World Club (GNWC). See you at the annual meeting.

Yes, a little smoke on roasted chicken! Of course! It's fabulous. So my new favorite is a spatchcocked chicken that is seasoned with curry, basted with butter, and smoked with apple wood chips. Wow! You've got to try it. Page 127 of "Weber's Smoke." One of the keys is to cook the bird with low indirect heat (about 300F) for 2 hours or so. The low heat makes a super juicy chicken.

Bon appétit,