Getting Q Ready for The New Season



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Hi all,
I am getting ready to fire up the Weber Q again and was wondering what the best way is to make sure the burner is ready to go. I am willing to take it out, scrub, etc. but I am not sure what solution is the best to use, what kind of brushes are needed, other things to check etc.

I can't find my manual and didn't see one on Weber's site so any help is appreciated.

Dumb question - Why do you put the Q away for winter?

In answer to the question. All I ever do with mine is brush the top of the burner with my brass brush - nothing else. It still works first time every time.
Thats the beauty of SS burners.
That's a good question and the answer is that it never really went away completely. In fact, it is under my deck so when wind, weather, rain, and snow get too crazy for the faithful Kettle I go under the deck and fire up the Q - just not as often as the rest of they year!

I just wanted to make sure I am doing good yearly maintenance and appreciate your suggestion. We have some family coming over this weekend and wanted the Q to be ready for service.

Thanks again!
Send me your email address and I will send you a set of recipes that I have written especially for the Q. My email address is in my profile.
I brush the P-burner about once a month.

I had lots of problems with blocked holes, I used to use a push pin / thumb tack to clear the holes.

For the last year I've been using a set of tip cleaners (cutting torch) to keep the holes clear. Much much easier than the push pin.

The tip cleaners are wire sized round files used to clean cutting torch tips. You can find a set for ~$4 at home depot.

My problem is my good Weber wire brush fills up with gunk/grease so quickly.
Is it safe to use the Q under an overhang? I have a covered deck w/ screening, and I'm worried about setting something on fire.
Hi Jay,
The deck is about 12 feet above the patio and very well ventilated so I don't think there is any problem. I don't have the smoker or any of my other charcoal grills there because I would worry about sparks, but I haven't had any problems with the gas grill. The flames don't go more than 18 inches above the grate even if it flares up and exhaust from the grill is pushed out of the area by air movement. Plus, I stay with the grill the whole time and always have a fire extinguisher nearby whenever I cook outside with any grill as an extra precaution.

It is a good point - thanks for checking on me. Nobody wants a crispy Stickman - especially me!
I should have added one more thing - I don't have screening or anything like that. It's just an open patio with the deck up above. The only other components that are part of the equation are the support beams that hold the deck up and those don't interfere with anything.